The support to users is one of the business processes that has more relevance within the Organizations, as companies become aware that they should consider their users as customers, it is where the Service Desk takes an important role.


The function of the Service Desk is to manage each of the requirements of the Users in an integrated service model designed to ensure the quality and efficiency of the service. This model groups together methods, procedures, specific infrastructures and, finally, a set of human resources trained, involved and organized around their internal clients: the users.


The incorporation of the Service Desk within an organization has, from the first moment, a clearly positive impact: each and every one of the users perceive that, at least, they are attended to; that is, on the other side there is always someone who picks up his restlessness. And in addition, the IT Area imposes on itself, a quality system that defines how the user is served and how much is served (metrics and indicators of service levels).


At NubiLink we are dedicated to designing the best Service Desk structure that suits your Business.


Main features of our Service Desk:


  • Only point of contact between users and IT Support.

  • Extensive Hourly Coverage

  • Remote support

  • Resource Optimization

  • Attention in different Languages

  • Optimization of the cost according to the use.

  • Registration, management and management of indicators for a process of continuous improvement.


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