Virtual CIO (vCIO) or Virtual Chief Information Officer, will approach IT decision making from a pragmatic business strategy perspective. It will help you to work more intelligently, allowing you to continue with the added value work that will transform your business. Many of our clients partner with us so that they can focus on their digital transformation strategy, confident that their vCIO is driving the roadmap of the technology that sustains it.


How this partnership works depends on what needs to be achieved. A business transformation project may require a full-time vCIO in its facilities for a few months. Or, it could require only a few days a month continuously. Regardless of your needs, there will be clear lines of responsibility built into the commitments, so you can be sure that your vCIO will be helping you achieve your goals faster.


What do you get:


  • Management and advice of the IT strategy: Administration and support of the IT strategy. Manage the execution of the IT strategy and/or roadmap.


  • IT Manager/Acting CIO: Leads and manages all aspects of the IT department.


  • Business As Usual Support (BAU): Provide effective support for day-to-day management, including the administration of suppliers, operations and systems.


  • Clear and Strong Leadership: Represents IT before the Board. Lead human resources. Manages and advises strategic business transactions.


Virtual CIO